Image courtesy Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative

Members of the Southern Minnesota Beet Sugar Cooperative in Renville jumped in to help an injured farmer harvest his crops last month. Bill Voelz has a 250-acre beet farm north of Danube. After he fell in an accident, he was unable to harvest his crop.

According to the coop, starting on Mon., Sept. 26, 30 members of the coop and three non-members contributed 41 trucks, eight harvesters, and six defoliators. By 2 p.m. on Friday, roughly 250 acres of Voelz’s farm had been harvested. The Farmers Coop Oil of Renville took care of the fuel, and Echo Farmers Coop took care of the field equipment.
One shareholder driving a truck mentioned, “Everyone would have stayed until midnight if that’s what it took.”