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The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources approved $11.6 million in Clean Water Fund grants on Dec. 15 to improve water quality in streams, lakes and groundwater across the state.
Southwestern Minnesota projects include:

Lyon County Judicial Ditch 15: $48,953
In October 2018, a petition for improvement of Lyon-Redwood Joint Judicial Ditch No. 15 was accepted by the Lyon-Redwood Joint Drainage Authority. To control gully erosion and improve water quality, four water and sediment control basins are being proposed.

Renville County SWCD County Ditch 63: $116,897
Renville SWCD plans to construct five water and sediment control basins and install 12 alternative intakes to combat high flows that cause field erosion and affect crop production and water quality.
Renville SWCD will begin work on the grant in the Spring of 2023

Renville County: Hawk Creek Watershed Project: $165,500
The Hawk Creek Watershed Project is trying to achieve a reduction in total suspended solids and phosphorus, improve the altered hydrology, and increase water storage capacity in the Fort Ridgely Creek subwatershed by implementing suites of projects that include two grade stabilizations with retention ponds, four water and sediment control

Minnesota voters approved the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment in 2008 to protect, enhance, and restore wetlands, prairies, forests, and fish, game, and wildlife habitat; to preserve arts and cultural heritage; to support parks and trails; and to protect, enhance, and restore lakes, rivers, streams, and groundwater. The Clean Water Fund receives 33 percent of the sales tax revenue generated by the Legacy Amendment.