The RC Hospital and Clinics in Olivia announced today it was notified by the Minnesota Department of Health that one patient in Renville County has tested positive for COVID-19.

Patient privacy is a top priority, and an RC Hospital and Clinics announced the facility will follow federal privacy regulations (under HIPAA) as well as the facility’s own organization’s privacy policy.

The RC Hospital and Clinics announcement stated the patient who tested positive is from Renville County, the disease  appears to be travel-related, and the patient is now at home recovering. Staff also remind the public that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), just being in the same facility where an infectious person was seen or cared for is considered low-risk for exposure.

On Tuesday, March 17 at 8:00 a.m. RC Hospital & Clinics will initiate a Drive-Thru Screening Station at the Olivia location.  Patients who have respiratory illness symptoms and CAN NO LONGER MANAGE THEIR CARE AT HOME should follow the steps below when seeking care at RC Hospital & Clinics in Olivia.

  1. First, call 1-800-916-1836 and ask for the Triage Nurse.
  2. If asked to come in for testing, please drive to RC Hospital & Clinics drive-thru screening station that is located near our ER entrance.
  3. RC Hospital & Clinics staff will greet you when you arrive.