The Renville County HRA/EDA is undertaking a brief survey of local  business conditions. This online survey of five questions should take 3 minutes or less to complete,  and provide an overview of how Renville County’s businesses did in 2021, current business conditions,  and business’ outlook for 2022. If businesses would like to be contacted confidentially by an  economic developer to discuss business assistance resources, there is place at the end of the  survey to submit contact information.  

The survey is available on Renville County HRA/EDA’s website: Results will be  posted on the Renville County HRA/EDA’s website at the completion of the survey.  

The Renville County HRA/EDA works to keep the county strong by fostering business growth and  development, promoting tourism and recreation, and providing housing opportunities for county  residents. 

For more information on the Renville County HRA/EDA, please contact Jordan or Stefanie in the  HRA/EDA office at 320-523-3656 or [email protected].