Earlier this month, Jenny Reynolds was contacted by a local restaurant to relocate eight kittens that had taken up living near the dumpsters nearby. (Photo courtesy Jenny Reynolds.)

If you live in the Redwood area, you’ve probably noticed wild cats wandering around your neighborhood.
Jenny Reynolds of Redwood Falls certainly did. Several years ago, she began catching and relocating kittens and even a mom cat in her neighborhood to area farmers and others wanting cats. But the need for someone to do something kept growing.

Earlier this month, Reynolds started a group called Community Cats of Redwood Falls to trap and neuter wild cats living in town. The goal: whenever possible find homes for the ones who can be tamed, and release the feral ones so that they can’t at least add more kittens to the mix:

Community Cats of Redwood Falls is already being noticed in town. Reynolds earlier this month relocated eight kittens who had taken up residence behind a local restaurant. An abandoned kitten hiding in the pumpkin display at Tersteegs grocery store found a new home last week. But no matter how many cats get caught, there are still a lot more out there:

Reynolds’ seven year old son sometimes accompanies her on trips to catch the cats and deliver them to vets or prospective owners, and she said she has several neighbors who have helped out as well. But for the time being, Community Cats of Redwood Falls is mostly a one-woman operation. Reynold stated that so far this month, she has caught about two dozen cats for neutering and new homes.
In addition to the gofundme page, Reynolds has arranged with Hometown Bank in Redwood Falls accepted there. Donations of cat food are also appreciated.