A Redwood Falls man, Nicholas Michael Woodford, age 24, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for DWI after colliding with another vehicle in a store’s parking lot last December.

On the afternoon of Dec. 11, 2021, the Redwood Falls Police Department was called to the Runnings parking lot on a report of a silver pickup having rammed another vehicle. The reporting parties later stated the driver seemed to be having trouble parking, and allegedly looked back at the damage he had done to the second vehicle before heading inside the store.

While the officer was on his way to Runnings, he received a second report the silver pickup was on its headed westward. The officer searched up and down Bridge Street, but was unable to locate the pickup. He returned to Runnings, and located the owner of the damaged vehicle.

While the owner of the damaged vehicle and the police officer were speaking in the parking lot, a third man approached them and stated the owner of the silver pickup had returned. The officer noticed flecks of red paint on the damaged bumper and front panel of the silver pickup.

The officer went back into Runnings and located the driver of the silver pickup, Nicholas Michael Woodford. Woodford allegedly told the officer that he had had returned to the store because he had repaired the damage to the second vehicle. A preliminary breath test indicated Woodford had a blood alcohol level of .223.

On Jan. 27, Woodford was sentenced for gross misdemeanor third degree driving while impaired to 365 days local confinement, stayed 350 days for two years with credit for three days time served, two years supervised probation, and fines and fees of $1,015.