A Redwood Falls woman was sentenced in Redwood County Court last week for making violent threats.

According to court documents, on April 16, 2020, Redwood Falls police officers were called to a report of a disturbance at a Redwood-area hotel, and that the people involved in the disturbance had left the hotel on foot.

While on their way to the hotel, the officers made contact with a potential witness who stated a woman identified as “Jenna, or Gemma” had been the main aggressor in the incident. The officers asked the witness if Gemma Marie Lang, age 22, of Redwood Falls, was the person being referred to, and the witness did not provide any further information.

Later interviews with victims indicated Lang had been approached in the hotel lobby and asked to leave since she was not a guest. Lang allegedly became belligerent, and was later observed still in a hotel room. When the occupants of the room were asked to leave, in part because of the scent of marijuana, Lang allegedly pushed one of the victims, and followed the other outside, making physical threats.

On Jan. 7, Gemma Lang was sentenced for making felony-level threats of violence to 12 months and one day, stayed for three years, in the correctional facility in Shakopee, 30 days local confinement with credit for 30 days time served, and fines and fees of $285.