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A Redwood Falls woman, Justina Lynn Bidinger, age 40, was sentenced in Redwood County Court for felony level 4th degree assault of a peace officer during a gross misdemeanor DWI arrest last summer.
According to court documents, on Aug. 14, the Redwood County Sheriff’s Office received information from the Renville County Sheriff’s Office that Bidinger had assaulted someone in Renville County, and had driven away from the scene with a four year old child in the car. A check on the license status showed Bidinger’s drivers license had been cancelled, and her vehicle had an expired registration.
A Redwood County deputy noted the vehicle parked in the lot of a Redwood Falls apartment complex, with the lights still on and Bidinger still in the drivers seat with a four year old in the back seat.
When a deputy approached the car, Bidinger stated she was going to her residence. The deputy noted the scent of alcohol, and Bidinger stated she had been drinking. When the deputy told her she was not free to leave yet, she pushed him away. When deputies attempted to arrest her for obstruction, she continued to yell and physically resist, including attempting to run away.
Investigation showed she had a previous DWI conviction in 2017.
On Nov. 20, Bidinger was sentenced to a total of 364 days local confinement, stayed 319 days for three years, three years supervised probation, and fines and fees of $35.