Illustration of upcoming addition courtesy Redwood Falls Public Library

Fundraising for the upcoming new addition to the Redwood Falls Public Library continues. At this point, they’ve raised $2.1 million of the needed $3.2 million. Connie Lechner, Library Director, explained what the expansion is all about:


Lechner pointed out the current 1995-era library building was paid for entirely by donations and grants.


Jill Dienken, Childrens Librarian, explained how the new addition will greatly expand the childrens section:


Tom Quackenbush, Redwood Falls Mayor, pointed out that no city funds are being used for the project, but the city can still help with the fundraising:


The state legislature is currently considering a $1 million grant to the Redwood Falls Public Library, which would be enough to start planning for a groundbreaking later this spring or summer. Tom Quackenbush said that letting legislators know the grant would be appreciated would help the effort:


KLGR will keep you updated about the Redwood Falls Public Library addition funding as it gets closer to the finish line.