A Redwood Falls man, Larry Russell Halvorson Jr., age 37, was sentenced in Redwood County Court after being found guilty of receiving stolen property.

According to court documents, on July 13, 2020, a Redwood Falls Police investigator listened in on an interview at the Redwood County jail with a suspect who claimed a third party had stolen a children’s four-wheeler valued at $1,300 in Brown County, and sold it to Halvorson.

When law enforcement interviewed Halvorson, he acknowledged he had traded a spray gun and car amp for the four-wheeler, and that he had a feeling the property might have been stolen.

Later investigation turned up a phone text message conversation between Halvorson and the seller of the four-wheeler. At one point Halvorson says he might want the four-wheeler, and asks how “hot” the property is. The seller responded, “Like a pop thaz been left outside in the sun”.

On Dec. 29, Larry Russell Halvorson Jr. was sentenced to 12 months and one day in the correctional facility in St. Cloud, stayed for two years, 39 days local confinement, two years supervised probation, and $385 in fines and fees.