A Redwood Falls man, Brandon Starr Hill, age 26, was sentenced in Redwood County District Court last week for not updating his registration as a predatory offender.

According to court documents, on Sept. 15, 2020, a Redwood Falls Police Officer arrived at a city address for a predatory offender registry compliance check on Brandon Starr Hill. The officer was informed by the resident of that house that Hill no longer lived there, and hadn’t for about a month. The resident stated she didn’t know where Hill was currently residing, and had no way to contact him.

The next day, the officer contacted Hill by phone, and was told that Hill lived in Marshall. The officer told Hill that his registry information hadn’t been updated, and Hill stated he had gone to the Marshall Police Department that day to inform them.

Hill stated he had told his probation officer a few weeks earlier, and assumed the probation officer would take care of it. However, the probation officer told Redwood Falls police that she had specifically told Hill he needed to change his registration with law enforcement when he moved.

On March 21, Hill was sentenced for felony failure to register as a predatory offender to 12 months and one day to the correctional facility in St. Cloud.