A Redwood Falls man was sentenced in Redwood County Court this month for fleeing police officers and driving while impaired down Redwood’s busiest highway.

According to court documents, last May 8, at about 10:18 a.m., a Redwood Falls police officer was called to Minnwest Bank on a report of a person passed out in a car in the drive-through area. As the officer was headed to the bank, he was informed the car had left, and had been spotted at the intersection of E. Bridge Street and County Road 101. The car was stopped in the road, and other vehicles were driving around it.

The officer noticed the car weaving near the intersection of E. Bridge Street and County Road 1. An check of the license plate showed it was registered to Logan Andrew Alan Huber, age 29, who had a restricted drivers license. Although the officer turned on his lights and siren to follow, Huber’s car continued eastward on Highway 19/71, weaving back and forth across the lane at between 40 and 55 mph, and nearly colliding with several westbound vehicles in the opposite lane.

The officer attempted to guide Huber’s car onto the shoulder of the road to keep from hitting other cars, and was able to direct him toward Morton where Highways 19 and 71 split. When the car finally stopped, Huber was taken into custody. A blood draw showed the presence of several drugs in his system, and the ignition interlock system in Huber’s vehicle had been tampered with to prevent recording him breathing into it.

Huber was convicted of a felony count of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, and a gross misdemeanor driving while impaired in the second degree. Penalties include being committed to the correctional facility in St. Cloud for 12 months and one day, stayed for three years, local confinement in the Redwood County jail for 150 days, with credit for 78 days time served, and three years supervised probation.