Getty Images, editorial

A Redwood Falls man, Marcus Jalen Jones, age 22, was sentenced in Redwood County court after being caught crashing into cars while drunk, then assaulting police officers.

According to court documents, on Nov. 15 of last year, the Redwood Falls Police Department was called to a report of a car slamming into other vehicles on a S. Mill Street parking lot. Officers arrived to find a damaged red vehicle, occupied by Jones, and two other vehicles that had been crashed into. When Jones exited his vehicle, apparently under the influence, he told officers that he hadn’t hit the other vehicles, then admitted he had but that, “I don’t care.” He also stated he didn’t have insurance on his vehicle.

After officers found a variety of alcoholic beverages in Jones’ car, he admitted he had consumed six cans and also using THC. As officers tried to arrest Jones, he refused to cooperate, tried to trip an officer walking him to the squad car, and said if he had a gun he’d shoot all the officers.

At the Redwood County jail, Jones’ uncooperative behavior continued, including allegedly headbutting doors and screaming repeatedly that he was going to kill all of the jail staff.

On April 17, Marcus Jalen Jones was sentenced for felony assault of a police officer, gross misdemeanor DWI, and misdemeanor violation of uninsured vehicle.