Image courtesy City of Redwood Falls

Fall Cleanup in Redwood Falls is scheduled for the week of October 30 to November 3, 2023.

During this week, residents may place leaves and garden waste in the street for pick up. To assist with the cleanup, residents are asked to place their leaves and garden waste in a wind-row one foot from the curb (no bags or containers) and are asked not to rake leaves into the street ahead of the scheduled day.

Leaf piles in streets are a traffic hazard and when washed into the storm sewer when it rains adds to flooding and water backup problems. Tree limbs and branches will not be permitted. Any debris, other than leaves or garden waste (items that can be composted), will not be picked up.

Scheduled pickup will be as follows:

SECTION 1 – Monday, October 30

SECTION 2 – Tuesday, October 31

SECTION 3 – Wednesday, November 1

SECTION 4 – Thursday, November 2

SECTION 5 – Friday, November 3

For further information, contact City Hall at 616-7400 or email: [email protected]