A Redwood Falls drug offender was convicted in Redwood County District Court earlier this month after he was identified while putting gas in a stolen car parked next to a police officer’s squad car.

On Nov. 20 of last year, a Redwood Falls police officer was putting gas in his squad car when he recognized the man who had just filled up a blue vehicle next to his. The officer couldn’t place the man’s name, and after the man drove away, the officer did a licence plate check, which showed the car had been reported stolen in St. Cloud several weeks earlier.

The officer followed in the direction the stolen car had gone, and found it parked in a Bridge Street business’s parking lot. The officer spoke to the driver, later identified as Tre Matthew Jones, age 25, of Redwood Falls, who also had a revoked drivers license and several warrants for his arrest. Jones stated he had been loaned the car by a friend, but couldn’t remember the friend’s name.

Officers who searched the stolen vehicle found various illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, and several insurance cards with the name of the car’s actual owner.

When Jones was being admitted into the Redwood County jail, a small yellow bag containing methamphetimine fell out of his underwear and onto the jailhouse floor.

On Jan. 10, Tre Matthew Jones was sentenced for the felonies of receiving stolen property and controlled substance crime in the fifth degree to 60 days local confinement, with credit for 52 days time served, five years probation, and $435 in fines and fees.