KLGR file photo of the Oct. blood drive at the Redwood Area Community Center

The Red Cross was in Redwood Falls this past Monday and Tuesday, and passed a milestone. It seems that with this past blood drive, Redwood area donors have given 20,034 units of blood in the past 20 years — slightly over 1,000 units per year.

In related news, Minnwest Bank in Redwood Falls was recognized by the Minnesota Bankers Association this week as a Community Champion, specifically for its efforts in helping the area blood drive effort. Minnwest Bank hosted a virtual blood drive encouraging the public to donate during the month of September to raise awareness of the American Red Cross and the importance of regular donations. Minnwest Bank ended the blood drive with a monetary donation to the American Red Cross.

Here’s the breakdown for the Jan. 19 and 20 Redwood Falls blood drive:
Presenting Donors: 104

No Shows: 19
Walk-ins: 9
Deferrals: 16
Turned Away: 9
Goal: 233
Actual Units Collected: 220

1 Gallon- Molly Miller, Cheryl Christensen, Chad Larsen, Alisa Bednarchuk, Chris Smith
2 Gallons- Laveda Larsen
3 Gallons- Karie Salfer, Robert Reynolds, Kelly Vogland, Mark Fischer
4 Gallons-Daniel Irlbeck, James Gudgel, Jolene Panitzke
5 Gallons-Teresa Karsky, Mitchell Farmer
6 Gallons-Larry Arentson, Bryan Nelson
8 Gallons- Tom Guetter
11 Gallons- Betty Stancer
16 Gallons- Bruce Tiffany, Bernard Guetter

First Time Donors: Marilyn Harazin, Nicholas Wolner, Anna Vannelli, Barb Olerud, Brenda Becker, Kelly Guetter, Melissa Fox. John Fox, Karen Van Der Hagen, Alan Plotz, Robert Harazin, Donavan Sharpe