Image courtesy Redwood County

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, the Redwood County Commissioners passed a resolution to make the Redwood County Recorder an appointed position instead of one elected by the voters in the county.

A group of Redwood County citizens are concerned this sets a bad precedent, and could lead to a slippery slope in which other choices will be taken from the voters, and lead to possible favoritism and cronyism.

According to State Statute 375A.1205 subd. 6b the resolution can be rescinded by a petition of 10% of the registered voters in the county within 30 days of the passage of the resolution.

The local group has created a petition for others to sign if they are in agreement. More than 900 signatures from registered voters in Redwood County are needed by March 4 to meet the deadline.

On Saturday, Feb. 24, from 10 am to noon there will be petitions to sign and pick up at the Roadhouse in Wabasso, and in Redwood Falls outside Prairie Hemp Products at tje corner of 2nd and Mill Streets.

On Saturday, March 2, the signed petitions will be collected at the same locations and times.

For more information, call Mary Bratsch at 507-430-1494.