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The 2022 Redwood County Republican Convention will be held  Saturday, March 12 at 2PM in the Redwood Area Community Center,  located at 901 East Cook Street in Redwood Falls.

Registration will  begin at 1:00PM. The agenda for the meeting includes seating of  Delegates and Alternates to the county convention, election of  Commissioner District Chairs, election of delegates and alternates to  the District Convention, election of delegates and alternates to the  State Convention and discussion and adoption of changes to the county  constitution.

Also, County Republicans will have the opportunity to  meet with various candidates for state offices, and their elected state  legislators.

Senator Gary Dahms of Redwood Falls will convene the  convention. Also invited are Representative Paul Torkelson of Hanska,  US Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach and candidates for various state  offices. The general public is also invited to attend this convention.