The Redwood County political caucuses were on Feb. 1, and now that all the paperwork has gone through, the Republican results are in.

Mary Gayle Bratsch, Chairwoman of the Redwood County Republican Committee, stated to KLGR, “The Governor straw poll was interesting, with Scott Jensen taking well over 50% of the county vote.”

Other vote results included:
Scott Jensen 30
Mike Murphy 5
Michelle Benson 4
Neil Shah 3
Paul Gazelka 1
Undecided 2

According to Bratsch, “We had a total of 54 people attending caucus at the three caucus sites…. We had quite a few new faces attending which is always good. There were several resolutions presented for consideration at each caucus site, with a lot of good discussion. The resolutions were passed on to be considered at the county convention on March 12, here in Redwood Falls. The various precincts also elected their delegates and alternates to go to the county convention.”