For many years they were known as “American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Redwood County.” And over the years, they’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund aid and research for cancer. Last year, they raised another $40,000 locally.

But this year, the organizers have made a few changes. On Monday Jane Moody, stated, “Kickin’ Cancer in Redwood County is a new but also an old organization. It’s new in that it is a new organization in Redwood County and is a subsidiary of the Redwood Area Communities Foundations (RACF). It’s old in that it used to be the American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Redwood County.”

With the formation of a reformed local fundraiser, Kickin’ Cancer will give the organizers more control over how the funds collected will be spent. In the future, most of the money raised will stay in Redwood County, although Kickin’ Cancer will still donate to the American Cancer Society and the local cancer care center.

Moody stated that Kickin’ Cancer plans to give out what they call “Blessing Bags”. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, he or she will receive a bag containing comfort care items and gift cards that could help pay for gas or lodging during out-of-town treatments.

The group plans to continue with the annual big fundraising event held at the Gilfillan Estates. This year’s event is set for Friday, July 30.