The unofficial results for Redwood County didn’t come in until past 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, but Redwood County’s voting is done for this election — mostly. All the in-person votes and absentee ballots have been counted, but county staff say that any mail-in ballots will still be counted as they come in. Whether they actually count toward the final total is an issue still in legal limbo, and out of Redwood County’s control.

In the presidential race, Redwood County went for President Donald Trump by nearly 70 percent, with challenger Joe Biden receiving nearly 30 percent, and all other cadidates receiving a total of less than one percent. Statewide, Biden received 52 percent of the vote, and Minnesota’s electoral college vote.

For U.S. Senator, Redwood County also preferred Republican Jason Lewis over Democrat Tina Smith 66 percent to 28 percent, with Smith winning statewide to continue in Washington DC.

In the U.S. Representative District 7 race, Republican Michelle Fischbach took 59.9 percent of the Redwood County’s vote, while incumbent Democrat Collin Peterson received slightly over a third of the total.

Fischbach won Minnesota by nearly 54 percent to take Peterson’s place in Washington DC next January.
Redwood Falls’ Gary Dahmes received slightly over 80 percent of the vote in Redwood County, and 73 percent in his district, to continue as State Senator for District 16, with challengers Steve Preslicka and Joshua Prine each receiving about 10 percent of the vote.

Incumbent Chris Swedzinski defeated Doria Drost 84 percent to about 16 percent in the county to continue as State Representative for District 16A, while Paul Torkelson received nearly 72 percent of Redwood County’s vote to Mindy Kimmel’s 28 percent to continue as State Representative for District 16B.

If there are any last minute changes in the next few days because of the mail-in ballot situation, we’ll keep you up to date.