The Redwood County Highway Department is working on fixing up a number of gravel roads in the southwest part of the county. Affected roads include Camp Ave., 140th Street, 160th Street, Camp Ave., and 160th Street, and 170th Street.

Road reclamation is a process that pulls material back onto the road that has been pushed to the shoulder or ditch due to routine traffic. During this process, large windrows of gravel will be placed on the road. Once the roads have been reclaimed and postings come off, crews will be adding gravel to these roads as well.

The overall goal is to get rid of the curb effect by the shoulder to allow water to drain from the roadway and into the ditch. The Redwood County Highway Department anticipates this project taking about a month to complete, weather dependent.

Additional work is being completed on shoulder reclamation on blacktop roads, along with minor reclamation on other gravel roads.