The Redwood County Highway Department announced several upcoming road closures that will be occurring starting next week because of some construction projects:

Redwood County State Aid Highway 6: Starting Monday, May 3, M&R Paving will begin emergency work on CSAH 6 to repair failing pavement.  CSAH 6 will be closed from Wabasso to TH 19, with a detour on MN 68 and TH 71 east of Wabasso.  The expected completion date is May 31.

Redwood County Road 68 bridge: Also starting May 3, M&K Construction under contract to Redwood County will begin reconstruction of County Road 68 Bridge No. 92175 about 4 miles southwest of Morgan.  The existing three span timber bridge over County Ditch #24 will be replaced by a single span concrete beam bridge.  County Road 68 will be closed just east of CSAH 13, with a detour on CSAH 13, CSAH 16 and CSAH 2.  The expected completion date is July 31.