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Redwood County residents will have a chance to help shape political platforms for Minnesota’s major political parties later this month.

On Tues., Feb. 27, Redwood County Republicans and Redwood County Democrats (DFL) hold precinct caucuses at locations around the county. All caucuses will start at 7 p.m.

The precinct caucus is a separate event from Minnesota’s presidential primary, which will be held March 5. Precinct caucuses are a time when local residents can make their voices heard on different issues by proposing resolutions that could become part of the party platform.

At precinct caucuses, Redwood County residents will elect delegates for political party conventions that will be held later this spring. After precinct caucuses, each political party will hold county or House/Senate District conventions, Congressional District conventions, state conventions, and finally national conventions.

The Redwood County DFL caucus will be held at the Redwood Falls Public Library, 509 South Lincoln Street in Redwood Falls for all Redwood County precincts.  Registration will begin at 6:30 pm and refreshments will be available.

Redwood County Republicans will gather at four locations for precinct caucuses:

  1. Redwood Valley Public School – 100 George  Ramseth Drive, Redwood Falls. Towns of:  Belview, Delhi, Redwood Falls Wards 1,2,3, Townships of:  Delhi, Redwood Falls, Swedes Forest, Sheridan, Kintire
  2. Wabasso Community Center – 1429 Front Street, Wabasso. Towns of:  Wabasso, Wanda, Lucan, Milroy, Vesta, Seaforth. Townships of:  Granite Rock, Westline, Johnsonville, Gales, Vesta, Underwood, Vail, New Avon, Willow Lake
  3. Cedar Mountain Public School – 310 Sommerville, Morgan. Towns of:  Morgan, Clements. Townships of:  Paxton, Three Lakes, Sundown, Morgan, Brookville, Sherman
  4. Lamberton Community Center – 101  2nd Avenue East, Lamberton. Towns of:  Lamberton, Walnut Grove, Revere, Sanborn. Townships of:  North Hero, Springdale, Lamberton, Waterbury, Charlestown