Red Rock Central School District residents voted to not approve the bond referendum yesterday.
In unofficial results, the vote for the first question — approval of the school district bond for approximately $41 million for a new school facility — came down to 50.15 percent yes versus 49.76 percent no. While this result narrowly showed approval in a very divided community, the district was required to get 60 percent approval for the bond referendum to be considered won.
For the second question, whether to issue a bond for $2.8 million to pay for a new wrestling room and additional gym station, the results were 47.30 percent yes, 52.47 percent no.
For the third question, whether the school district should issue a bond of slightly over a million dollars for the decommissioning of the current school facility, the voters said 45.92 percent yes, to 53.85 percent no.
In their Facebook page Wednesday morning, school officials stated, “We are disappointed that the Red Rock Central School District community voted against the bond referendum during the February 9 special election with Question 1 receiving the majority of votes but not meeting the requirement for 60% approval. We will continue to face challenges in a facility that is far past its prime and that doesn’t meet codes or today’s learning standards. A new school was recommended by the community task force and the only way to achieve that is through passage of a bond referendum, which means we will have to pursue another referendum in the future.”