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Protesters demonstrate against vaccination mandates Thursday in Redwood Falls

About a hundred protesters lined part of E. Bridge Street in Redwood Falls Thursday afternoon to demonstrate against employer mandates for COVID vaccines.

The issue of businesses requiring their employees to get COVID vaccines or be fired is very controversial these days, with people having very strong opinions on either side. The issue got a very public forum on Thursday afternoon, when about a hundred protesters against vaccine mandates lined E. Bridge Street in Redwood Falls.

The protesters urged drivers passing by to honk their horns in support. At times it was difficult to speak with all the horns sounding as vehicles drove by.

Protesters urged passing vehicles to honk their horns in support, with many drivers going along with it.

Many protesters were local health-care professionals. Others taking part in the protest worked at Redwood area manufacturing facilities or businesses, and were concerned about government vaccine mandates affecting their places of employment, too.

Most of the people at the protest asked to not be identified, or to speak off the record, since they were concerned about reprisals from their employers or others.

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