A Morton woman was sentenced in Redwood County court last month for helping a felon evade law enforcement.
According to court documents, on March 2, 2020 the Lower Sioux Tribal Police Department learned an offender with an active warrant from the Department of Corrections might have been in the area.
Officers attempted to locate the offender in an apartment in Morgan, rented by a woman who the offender had apparently borrowed a car from several weeks earlier.
When officers knocked on the door, a female later identified as Angela Sue Schaffer, age 44, of Morton, responded through the door that she was naked and taking a shower, and would not speak to male law enforcement. Officers told her they were there to look for the man with the warrant against him. Schaffer told them multiple times there was no one there except her, despite officers hearing a male voice through the door.
An officer advised Schaffer numerous times that she would be subject to criminal charges for harboring a fugitive and obstruction if the offender was really in the apartment. Schaffer told them she would not be charged with anything since he wasn’t there.
About an hour later, the door opened, the offender exited the apartment, and was taken into custody by law enforcement. It turned out a second offender wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant was also in the apartment at the time, and was also apprehended.
On Dec. 22, Angela Schaffer was sentenced for felony aiding an offender to 10 days in the Redwood County jail with credit for 10 days time served, supervised probation for three years, and $385 in fees and fines.