A Morton woman has been sentenced in Redwood County Court for a DWI she got while driving a stolen vehicle.

According to court records, on Sept. 28, 2020, the Redwood Falls Police Department received word that a SUV with a broken-out windshield was driving about near Morton. Law enforcement located in front of a residence, and noted it had no license plates, a broken windshield, and front end damage. The driver, Jessica Marie Neis, age 30, stated she had memory loss, could not remember her name, and had no knowledge of the vehicle. The owner of the residence stated it was the vehicle that Neis had arrived in.

While speaking with Neis, law enforcement noted she had flecks of broken glass in her hair, which she admitted were from the broken windshield. A blood test indicated methamphetamine and amphetamine in her system. Law enforcement also observed an area outside where a stop sign had been struck by a vehicle, with broken pieces of a grill and bumper which matched the damage to the vehicle.

Further investigation revealed the SUV had been stolen from a Redwood Falls car dealership, was valued at $22,000, with about $11,000 worth of damage.

On Dec. 5, Jessica Marie Neis was sentenced for felony receiving stolen property and gross misdemeanor DWI in the second degree to a total of 15 months — stayed for two years — at the correctional facility in Shakopee, 365 days local confinement, stayed 305 days for two years, supervised probation for two years, and fees and fines of $85.