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A Moose Lake man, Chancey Dean Vanderpluym, age 39, was sentenced in Redwood County court last week for receiving stolen property at a Walnut Grove residence.

According to court documents, on Jan. 9 of this year, a Redwood County deputy spoke with a witness in Walnut Grove who was aware of a stolen motorcycle and snow blower being stored in someone else’s shed.

The deputy spoke to a second witness, who stated Venderpluym had dropped off the snowblower, valued at $450, several days earlier. She believed the snowblower had been stolen from the employer of a third witness. The third witness confirmed the snowblower had belonged to his boss.

The deputy observed the motorcycle in a shed, and noted it had been spray-painted a different color. A check of the cycle’s serial number showed it had been first reported stolen out of a storage shed in Wood Lake, and was valued at $9,600.

On July 31, Vanderpluym was sentenced to 13 months in the correctinal facility in St. Cloud, and fines and fees of $135.