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A Milroy man who was allegedly high on meth attempted to carjack a good Samaritan with a scissors, according to court documents. Philip Douglas Sovell, 36, was charged in Redwood County Court with felony counts of 1st and 2nd-degree aggravated robbery, assault, and attempted vehicle theft.

According to a criminal complaint, Sovell was walking on Redwood Co Rd 32 when a good Samaritan stopped to give him a ride because it was cold. The driver then asked Sovell to get out of the car because Sovell was fidgety and acting like he was on methamphetamine.

Court documents say Sovell instead attempted to stab the driver with a pair of scissors.  Sovell crawled over the center console of the truck and continued to try to stab the driver, who had exited the vehicle to avoid injury.  The victim said Sovell chased him around the truck before he was able to get back inside.  He called 911 as he drove away.

Sovell was discovered on Co Rd 32 near Aspen Ave, where he failed to follow orders to stop and began running away from officers.  Police say Sovell refused to throw the scissors away from himself as ordered, but instead picked them up and began again to run.  He was eventually tased and handcuffed.  A meth pipe, orange scissors, and $6,243 in cash were found on Sovell’s person.

Sovell was transported to a hospital, where he became verbally aggressive with the staff.  Police say Sovell admitted to using meth about two hours earlier and said he uses meth all day and every day.

Sovell is also charged with fleeing a peace officer using means other than a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor.