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A thief left a photo album with his driver’s license at the scene of his crime, according to court documents filed in Blue Earth County Court. Jeremy Daniel Wyffels, 30, of Madelia, was charged with felony 3rd-degree burglary Monday.  He also faces charges of tampering with a motor vehicle, theft, and DWI.

According to a criminal complaint, a Blue Earth County resident went to his shop on a January day and found his truck door open and certain items, including tools, missing.  More items were thrown on the ground. Boot prints in the snow led investigators to a shed where a window had been broken.  A deputy found a photo album that was unfamiliar to the victim.  Wyffels driver’s license was on the last page of the album.

The boot tracks went from the shed through a field, where the deputy found an oil can and rag, and a flashlight from the victim’s shed.  The tracks ended at Highway 68.

The complaint says there was a previous call for service in which a vehicle associated with Wyffels was in the ditch about a mile from the victim’s residence.

A pair of boots that appeared to match the boot prints at the victim’s home were found when a search warrant was performed at Wyffels residence, according to the complaint. Wyffels told investigators he didn’t remember much because he’d been under the influence of alcohol and meth at the time of the incident.  The complaint says he recalled walking up to the home for help after his car went into the ditch.

He allegedly admitted to going into the shed and truck, but said he only took a flashlight and gloves.  Wyffels offered to return the gloves if he found them.