A Lucan man, Michael Joel Samyn, age 39, was sentenced in Redwood County court for malicious punishment of a child after an incident that occurred about a year ago.

According to court documents, on Jan. 6, 2021, the Redwood County Sheriff’s Office was called to a Lucan residence on a report of assaultive behavior. The female victim made a statement regarding multiple incidents of abuse of herself and several children within the household by Samyn.

Incidents included examples of Samyn pulling on a child’s earlobe until the flesh tore, face slapping, torso hitting, and bending childrens’ fingers back as a form of punishment.

In later interviews with law enforcement, Samyn confirmed the incidents, but stated he didn’t mean to strike the children as hard as he did, and had torn one child’s ear. He admitted he has issues with his temper.

On Jan. 3, Michael Joel Samyn was sentenced for the gross misdemeanor of malicious punishment of a child. Penalties include 365 days in the Redwood County jail with 350 days stayed for two years and credit for three days time served, two years supervised probation, and a $200 fine.