A Lamberton man, Joseph Shaubaunia Johnson, age 20, was convicted in Redwood County Court last week for physically assaulting a victim under four years old.

According to a complaint filed with the court, on April 8, 2019, the Lamberton Police Department received a report of child abuse. A responding officer observed a juvenile under three years old with severe swelling on the face and head. The officer also found evidence of blood on a rag in the bathroom, and on a child’s bed.

The person who had made the report to the police stated she had worked the evening before, left Joseph Johnson in charge babysitting. When she returned home from work, Johnson told her the blood was his, and that he had attempted suicide. The reporting person called 911, and Johnson was transported to the Springfield hospital. Subsequent interviews with observers, and examination of the premises, led investigators to believe the blood was the child’s.

Johnson disappeared at that point, and could not be found. A nationwide warrant was issued for his arrest.

The formal charge was Assault in the Third Degree. A Gross Misdemeanor charge of Endangerment of Child was dismissed, as was a Misdemeanor charge of Domestic Assault.

Johnson was sentenced to 120 days in the Redwood County Jail, with credit for 92 days served, three years probation, and payment of $3,200 restitution.