The Redwood County Justice Center, which opened for operation late last year, is still a work in progress. Some areas still remain to be completely finished, but the government offices are all in place.

The public enters through the front doors, and has to pass through security. The Redwood County Court Administrator’s office is in background.

For the public to access court records, a terminal has been set up beside the Court Administrator’s office.

The county’s law library is still a work in progress.

The facility has two courtrooms. The smaller is for cases that don’t need a jury.

The larger courtroom seats more people, and had a jury box.

The view from behind the judge’s seat in the larger courtroom, with the jury box against the east wall.

The judge and staff’s offices.

One of the many security camera screens scattered throughout the facility.

The jury deliberation room.

The jury selection room.

The hallway connecting the courtrooms with the holding cells and jury rooms.

Connected to a courtroom is a space where clients and attorneys can discuss matters in private.

The Redwood County Attorney’s Office contains a wooden courtroom diorama to help nervous clients understand what will happen during the trial.

The Redwood County Attorney’s Office is upstairs, above the administrator’s office.

Several holding cells between the courtrooms hold prisoners as they wait for the trial to start.

One of the aspects of the new courthouse complex is the tunnel connecting the Redwood County Sherrif’s Office with the courthouse facility. Here it is, stretching under the street circling the courthouse.

A view of the Sheriff’s Office side of the tunnel.