Image courtesy USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Monday announced more than $230 million to be awarded to Minnesota as part of the federal government’s Investing in America program.
Some of the federal aid will go towards the state’s meat process supply chain, new streets and sewers, improve and provide clean drinking water, and expansion of an electric grid in specific areas.
KLGR-area grants include:

City of New London: $665,000
This Rural Development investment will be used to purchase a building in New London to serve as city hall and the library. The current New London City Hall is small, old, and dilapidated, and the library is in a rented space that the city has outgrown. This project will serve as a gathering space to provide helpful resources to the community.

City of Madison: $350,000
This Rural Development investment will be used to purchase a pumper fire truck and related equipment in the city of Madison. The city’s existing vehicle is outdated with over 550 run hours and in need of repairs. The vehicle’s age makes it difficult and unaffordable to repair. This project will help the city purchase a new fire truck that will allow the city to hook directly into the current infrastructure, leading to quicker response times. The city provides firefighting service within its limits and to the surrounding townships.

City of Kandiyohi: $9,800
This Rural Development investment will be used to help the city of Kandiyohi purchase self contained breathing apparatuses gear for the fire department. The new gear will replace existing gear that is expired because of regulatory standards for this field, putting emergency service providers at risk. This investment will ensure that the city is able to continue providing efficient emergency services while securing the safety of responders

Lyon-Lincoln Electric Coop: $11,117,000
This Rural Development investment will be used to connect 134 consumers, build and improve 57 miles of line. This loan includes $479,000 in smart grid technologies. Lyon-Lincoln Electric is headquartered in Tyler, Minnesota, and provides service to 3,944 consumers over 1,671 miles of line in five counties in the southwestern Minnesota

Springfield Public Utilities Commission: $370,500
This Rural Development investment will be used to expand the Halter Diesel LLC body shop facility in Springfield, Minnesota. This project will allow Halter Diesel to broaden service operations and capabilities. This project is expected to create three employment opportunities