Photo lightly borrowed from Erin Viancourt’s Facebook page.

We at KLGR don’t usually turn live concerts at local bars into news stories, but then most don’t have a “local boy makes good” angle, either.

The last time KLGR spoke with RVHS Class of 2011 grad Jordan Harazin was in Feb. 2019, when the then-Nashville-resident was in the area performing with the country-and-western band he was in. Harazin got his start performing with his grandparents throughout the KLGR-area, moved to Nashville right after high school, and has been occupied as a singer songwriter since.

Now Jordan is back in KLGR-land for a few days with his singer/songwriter wife, Erin Viancourt. While visiting family and friends in the area, they agreed to perform a few times. They’ll be at the Longbranch Saloon on Friday, Dec. 3, starting around 7-ish if anyone wants to check them out.

For a preview, Jordan and Erin stopped by the KLGR studios on Thursday to speak with KLGR News Director Joshua Dixon, catch listeners up with what they’ve been up to for the past couple years, and perform a song they wrote together: