Jonathan Ceplecha

Here is the latest update about Jonathan Ceplecha, the Redwood Falls man who was trapped under a tree for four days in late August.

On Wednesday, Ceplecha’s sister, Melanie Otto, told KLGR that Ceplecha is expected to keep his left leg despite much damage and gangrene setting in. Doctors have done skin grafts over the damaged areas. His right leg was amputated below the knee last week.

On Wednesday, Otto said, “Jonathan had a few difficult days over the weekend. A new, long acting pain medication was discontinued due to adverse side effects. These side effects subsided within 24 hours of discontinuing.”

She added, “On a positive note, his legs and his abscess are healing nicely. Small comforts — he was able to comb his hair –small baby steps — he sat in a chair for a short time today.”