A temporary detour for the Highway 19 bridge repair project in Redwood Falls has been extended until Thursday, June 30. The bridge is closed to allow concrete to cure and the required strength outcome hasn’t reached 100 percent. Allowing the bridge to cure without vibrations from traffic prevents cracking of the new concrete, adding years to the bridge’s lifespan.

Strength tests are taken periodically during the curing process and when 100 percent strength is achieved, the bridge will reopen to traffic. It is now projected to reopen by noon Thursday, June 30; however, reopening is dependent on test results.

The detour follows County Road 17/Laser Avenue, County Road 25, River Road, and Redwood 101.

The project includes repairing and resurfacing the bridge over the Redwood River just west of U.S. Highway 71 in Redwood Falls. Deteriorated concrete deck and approach panels will be replaced; the bridge railing will be repaired; and the pedestrian access to the west side of the bridge will be updated to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards.