Image courtesy Minnesota Historic Property Record

As part of the improvement plans for Highway 14 beginning in 2022, work to restore the New Ulm spring wayside is set to begin with tree removal the week of March 1.

The New Ulm Spring Roadside Parking Area is located about one mile east of the Highway 14/15 interchange.

The current project includes repairing the stone wall, walk, parking area with a new curbed island and right in/right out access. Two picnic areas up the slope will be restored with a natural surface trail connecting them and a new accessible picnic table will be added near the stone wall. Interpretation, and improving accessibility will be included.

The New Ulm Spring Rehabilitation project will take place later this summer, but the clearing of trees on the hillside needs to take place before protected bats make their homes. The tree removal may take up to a week to complete with no major impacts to traffic.

While the 1938-39 wayside is not currently eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, the goal of the project is to bring it to potentially eligible status. It was originally designed by Arthur R. Nichols and constructed by the National Youth Administration, a federal New Deal work relief program during the depression.