Renville County Attorney Kelsie Kingstrom announced Wednesday that Judge Helgeson found Jacob Ryan Kramer, 31, of Hector, guilty of violating predatory offender registration requirements. This is Kramer’s sixth predatory offender registration violation, and he faces up to 43 months in prison. Kramer will be sentenced on Aug. 8, at 1 p.m. at the Renville County Courthouse.

According to the criminal complaint and testimony at trial, Kramer failed to notify authorities he was in possession of a vehicle. Under predatory offender registration requirements, Kramer is required to notify authorities of all vehicles registered to, or regularly driven by him. In this case, Kramer had a Buick registered to him that was not known to law enforcement authorities.

The Court found Kramer had prior knowledge of his requirements to register, and knowingly failed to register the vehicle.