A federal grant to fund the Highway 14 expansion between New Ulm and Nicollet has been approved.

According to Minnesota Representative Jeff Brand, $22 million would go towards expanding the stretch of Highway 14 between Nicollet and New Ulm from a two-lane to a four-lane highway.  The project is now fully funded after decades of attempts.

State Senator Gary Dahms, of Redwood Falls, stated, “This is really great news to hear the Federal funding for Highway 14 from Nicollet to New Ulm has now been approved. This is a project I’ve made a priority during my service in the Minnesota Senate.”

State Representative Paul Torkelson, of Hanska, stated, “Many people, including members of the Highway 14 Coalition, have worked on this project for many years and I am so thankful that they did. Patience and persistence have paid off. Best of all, we know that this project will benefit southern Minnesota and make this busy section of Highway 14 a safer stretch of road.”