A SWAT team rushed Munsinger’s home on E. Flynn Street Wednesday morning.
(KLGR photo)

The FBI arrested a Redwood Falls man, Andrew David Munsinger, age 40, on Wednesday for illegally possessing ammunition — allegedly as part of his efforts to support violent neo-Nazi group based in Texas.

Munsinger was arrested at his workplace Wednesday morning. When a SWAT team entered Munsinger’s home on E. Flynn Street several hours later, they moved with extreme caution as if afraid the house would have traps inside. Once the SWAT team cleared the house, several dozen FBI agents moved in to begin a more detailed search of the premises.

Andrew David Munsinger, image courtesy Sherburne County Jail

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the FBI on Wednesday released a 32-page criminal complaint detailing a year-long investigation into Munsinger’s activities. Munsinger was allegedly a member of the white supremacist Aryan Freedom network (AFN), based in Texas.

Two Redwood-area sources who knew Munsinger socially seperately told KLGR that he was known for having a violent temper, and others feared him because of alleged mental health issues.

The SWAT team waited until the home was cleared. (KLGR photo)

One resident of the neighborhood told KLGR that Munsinger was often pleasant enough to other residents and took care of several stray cats, but did have a violent temper in other situations. The resident stated Munsinger recently started placing boards aginst his window frames to preven them from being forced open.

Munsinger has prior felony convictions for methamphetamine possession and narcotics sales, making it illegal for him to possess firearms. He allegedly told friends that he was illegally making and modifying firearms in a machine shop. A local source told KLGR that Munsinger had many firearms and piles of cash stored in his home.

After the SWAT team cleared the premises, FBI agents moved in to do a more complete search.
(KLGR photo)

Part of the FBI investigation included secretly recorded conversations at firing ranges in Redwood County, and at AFN events in Indiana. A local source told KLGR Wednesday that Munsinger was allegedly on a federal no-fly list because of his prior record, and had to travel to AFN events in Texas by car.

Munsinger appeared in federal court on Wednesday, and was ordered to be temporarily detained before his detention hearing and preliminary examination on Monday, Feb. 12. He is currently in the Sherburne County jail.