Crews were out Wednesday morning taking a sonar topographical survey of the bottom of Lake Redwood as the first step in the long-planned dredging project.

For the rest of this week you may notice a boat and a sort of amphibious ATV out and around Lake Redwood. No need to be alarmed — it’s just the crews out surveying the sediment under the surface of the lake before the dredging can begin.

A crew from the LaCrosse, Wisconsin-based JF Brennan company set up Wednesday morning with an airboat and a marshmaster to take a sonar topographic scan of the bottom of Lake Redwood.

On Wednesday afternoon, the crewmember in the boat said he was having trouble getting around the lake in spots because the water is so shallow. In fact, the amphibious ATV got stranded out on one of the islands that’s sprouted up in the lake. If things go smoother, the sonar survey of the bottom of the lake could be done by Friday.

According to Kerry Netzke, RCRCA Executive Director, in a couple of weeks contractors will begin to fuse and lay the pipeline out to the sediment containment facility north of Redwood Falls.