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City of Redwood Falls Updates Water Restrictions

On Friday, June 18, the City of Redwood Falls began mandatory watering restrictions for residents.
Lawn watering and irrigation in Redwood Falls is limited to every other day, based on address numbers. Those properties with even-numbered addresses can water on even-numbered days, while odd-numbered addresses can water on odd-numbered days. No watering is permitted between the hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to lessen water loss to evaporation. Water of newly sodded or seeded yards is exempt from the odd and even day restriction.  Properties with over seeding or spot repair of established yards can water those specific areas daily using a hand-controlled hose during allowed times. Those restrictions are all still in place.
Last week, the Department of Natural Resources stated that over 50 percent of Minnesota is experiencing severe drought conditions, putting the state in a designated drought warning phase. As a result, on Friday, July 23, the City of Redwood Falls added some new restriction for anyone who receives city-supplied water: all managers of commercial and residential lawn irrigation systems must reduce their timed watering durations by 50% on their designated even or odd days.
This additional requirement is to help meet designated water usage limits set by the state, and prolong moving into Phase II restrictions where usage of City-supplied water for lawns and recreation will be prohibited. The purpose of the restriction is to reduce peak usage in areas served by the City water system.

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