In addition to the land purchase for new housing and industrial development, the Redwood Falls City Council also awarded two significant bids Tuesday evening.


Part of the City’s upcoming Inflow and Infiltration project is inspecting city housing and businesses to see that excess rainwater is going into the storm sewer systems, not the sanitary sewer systems. The long-term goal is to cut down on water flooding peoples’ basement and overwhelming the water-cleaning lagoons after high-rain events, such as the seven inches of rain in one night that hit Redwood Falls several years ago.

On Tuesday, the city council approved a per-unit bid of services from B&N Plumbing-N-Heating, of Redwood Falls, to provide sump pump inspections and televise-inspect approximate 2,200 private sanitary sewer connections for the City of Redwood Falls over the course of five years.

The winning big calls for a minimum of three trained technicians to complete approximately 250 televised inspections per calendar year, with a completion date of Sept. 2025, at a basic fee of $150 each.

Any identified sanitary sewer connections that don’t discharge water into the proper sewer system will need to be upgraded by the property owner to help reduce sanitary sewer surcharges during intense rainfall events that will protect both City infrastructure and private property.


The 2020 Mainline Circuit Development DGR Project is designed in large part to provide power to the Carris Health – Redwood facility currently being built on the southeast corner of town. However, it will also enhance reliability of providing power to the existing sections of the City.

The council awarded the bid to Castrejon Incorporated of Blaine, Minnesota, for $513,516.50.