Due to the hospital reaching capacity, and the current surge in positive COVID-19 cases in our communities, Carris Health – Redwood is once again implementing a no visitor policy. The restrictions went into effect on Tuesday.

At the hospital, visitors will only be allowed for patients experiencing specific situations including; end of life; critically ill; parent/legal guardian of a minor patient; support person/legal guardian of an adult with cognitive, physical or developmental disabilities; labor support, and high-risk procedures requiring in-person discussions about care and informed consent.

Visitations in the above categories will be limited to one healthy visitor per day. Some exceptions will apply including for pediatric, end of life, inpatient rehabilitation and mental health.

At the Carris Health – Redwood clinic, the visitor policy will allow one healthy visitor for adult patients with cognitive, physical or developmental disabilities, or two healthy adult visitors for minor patients. Additional minors, besides patient, are not allowed.

All other visitors are not allowed at this time.

Upon entering a Carris Health facility, all visitors will be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Visitors with a diagnosis and/or exposure to COVID-19 infection will not be allowed entry into the building with few exceptions.

Visitors and patients at all Carris Health facilities are also required to wear a mask that covers both nose and mouth.