Image courtesy BOLD school district

The results of a survey of BOLD School District residents are not encouraging for passage of a referendum for school building repairs.

According to KWLM and the Renville County Register,  the school board heard from Peter Leatherman, whose company surveyed 400 district residents about a referendum and school needs. Seventy-eight percent of those surveyed were empty nesters, without children going to BOLD schools. Sixty-five percent indicated they thought their property taxes were too high, and 60% said they did not earn enough to pay their monthly expenses.

Earlier, BOLD Superintendent Jim Menton said they wanted to avoid what happened in February 2021 when a referendum to build a new K-12 school and sports facilities failed resoundingly by 80%. A Community Facility Task Force was formed in January and has begun meeting to review priorities, and Menton said Leatherman performed a phone survey to collect feedback on priorities, needs, and options.