The Growth Energy Executive Leadership Conference set forth its Vision 2020 goals last week. 

Vision 2020 includes growing demand for the ethanol industry domestically with E15 or higher ethanol blends, as well as expanding markets internationally. 

National Corn Growers Association President Kevin Ross took part in a stage discussion at the event. 

Ross told the crowd, “The farmers’ voice is so important in Washington, D.C. We are a grassroots organization and our partnerships with industry groups that have similar goals, such as Growth Energy, will help us continue to grow the E15 market and add higher blends of ethanol.” 

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor says E15 ethanol will pave the way forward for even higher blends. 

But she also points out that the industry will only get to higher ethanol blends by “showing that E15 isn’t a niche fuel, but instead is the preferred, regular fuel that consumers use every time they go to the pumps.” 

The ethanol industry currently has more than 2,000 locations up and running in 30 states. 

During the first summer without RVP limits, ethanol sales jumped 46 percent compared to the previous year on a per-store basis. 

Skor adds, “With year-round E15 secured, we’re moving into an exciting new phase of expansion.”