The Department of Agriculture announced Thursday it is seeking public input to help with the creation of the Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program. 

The new program, according to USDA, will expand the availability of domestic ethanol and biodiesel by incentivizing the expansion of sales of renewable fuels. 

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says, “USDA remains committed to fulfilling a key promise to American farmers to enhance the promotion of biofuels.” 

The request for information solicits ideas on options for fuel ethanol and biodiesel infrastructure, innovation, products, technology, and data derived from all program processes, or science, that drives economic growth, promotes health, and increases public benefit. 

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor welcomed the request, saying, “Smart infrastructure investments will support rural jobs and allow more drivers across the nation to take advantage of the administration’s move to unleash sales of E15 year-round.” 

Working with Prime the Pump, Growth Energy has doubled the number of E15 stations five years in a row to include more than 2,000 stations across 30 states.