The USDA is reminding producers with crop insurance are facing harvest delays to make contact with their crop insurance agents by December 10th. 

Farmers need to file a Notice of Loss by that date or the applicable end of their insurance period to request an extension of time to finish harvest. 

Once the extension gets approved, an insured producer needs to harvest the crop at the first feasible opportunity. 

“Farmers are certainly struggling this year because of wet weather conditions,” says Martin Barbre, Administrator of the Risk Management Agency. “Producers covered by Federal Crop Insurance that are unable to harvest on time need to contact their crop insurance agents to file a notice of loss.” 

The goal of filing the notice is so that crop insurance claims are settled based on the amount of harvested production. 

For crops like corn and soybeans, the end of the insurance period is December 10th. 

For other crop deadlines, farmers must make contact with their agents to find out the specific dates.